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Extensions By Ersolene

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Whether its to add length, color or fullness, extensions allow you to feel confident and amazing by profiling your hair dreams. If cared for properly, they can last anywhere from 2-3 months depending on the method of attachment, the rate of hair growth, and the maintenance of the hair. Extensions are applied to your liking and have many different options to choose from based on what is best for you.

Extension Services

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is a process that involves braiding some or all of the natural hair and attaching the wefted hair to the braid. There are many techniques to weaving such as braiding up most, some or all of the natural hair, using a net to cover the braided hair for more protection of the natural hair and longer use of the extensions, and using a closure to add a natural look to a fully braided head. Weaving is great for those who don’t want to deal with their natural hair or if one wants to grow their hair. Weaving last between 2-3 months depending on the care taken throughout that time. Most lengths of hair can withstand a hair weave, but doubt of hair length is in question a free consultation is always recommended to make sure hair weaving is right for you.

  • Traditional
  • Net Weaving
  • Closure with Weave
  • Vixen Weaving (Versatile Weaving)
  • Braid-less Weaving
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Strand by Strand

Strand by Strand is a process that involves using a safe and protective keratin that attaches the individual strands of the extension hair to the natural hair. This process is great for those who want add some hair for fullness or length in certain areas of the head. It is a very natural look and feel and allows for more versatility then other methods. Ersolene is certified in all types of strand by strand, such as fusion, pre-tipped extensions and micro-links. Feel free to call for any questions.

  • Fusion
  • Pre-Tip
  • Micro-Links
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Custom Wigs

Custom Wigs are specially made for all head sizes and can be designed in different lengths and colors and once applied can be styled to your liking. These wigs and light weight and customized for you and only you. Highlights, length, color and lace are all chosen to your preference. The head is measured to ensure a proper fit and to make sure it is as natural as possible. These wigs are great for people experiencing hair loss.

  • Wigs specially designed to your liking such as size and color, which can easily be styled and applied.
  • Custom designed wigs for people going through hair loss. Great for people going through chemotherapy or suffering from alopecia.
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Hair Replacement

Hair Loss (To Thin, No Problem)

Hair loss can be a stressful and difficult experience and can be caused from stress, pregnancy, chemotherapy, alopecia, etc. A private and resourceful call or consultation can be arranged to figure out the best options for you.

  • Great for those experiencing bald spots in certain areas of the head.
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Other Services

Please call for prices and consultations.