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... Shhh… It’s Our Secret, My Extensions Never Tell...

Extensions By Ersolene Ersolene is a licensed cosmetologist and extensions-trained professional who has been in the hair industry for over 20 years and specializing in hair extensions for 16 years. She is passionate about delivering fabulous, flawless and natural looking extensions while protecting the integrity of your natural hair. Ersolene has consulted and educated leading hair manufacturers and as a state licensed and certified hair specialist, she knows the current trends in hair extension techniques. Her work has appeared in leading magazines as well as different ads and campaigns. Ersolene offers professional one-on-one consultations for perspective clients and listens carefully to the individual’s needs and concerns before she skillfully administers your extensions to guarantee you the hair extensions of your dreams! Ersolene's salon is located in Chicago's own Lincoln Park where your secrets stay and are never revealed.